Pics from Saturday 25thFeb 2017 at the 3MT

Another great night at the Three Minute Theatre when We4Poets were delighted to be joined on stage by Julie Valentine (AKA Julie E Gordon) with outstanding musical accompaniment from Mike Grubert and Jamal Abel Lewis-Service. What a voice (!) What a performer (!)

Also making her W4P debut, and charming a packed house, was poet, writer and artist Wendy Olsen. Beautiful.

We4Poets stalwarts Stanley O Ayodeji and David Llewellyn did what they do with a subtle blend of humour, rhyme and inimitable style, before making way for the prose (sic). Kate Woodward (AKA the gorgeous Spug), Tricia Ashworth and Michael Kouriaki told tales, while Katey Kehoe had the crowd hanging on her every word with poems old and new.

A fabulous night was crowned with a virtuoso performance from Bolatito Von May. Tito is destined for great, great things, and we saw her first here.

Thanks once again to John and Gina at the 3MT for hosting another wonderful evening, and special thanks to Bryn Llewellyn for taking the photos. Talent everywhere you looked.

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