Deanne Heron

Deanne Heron is a writer, poet, counsellor and carer. A keen eye and sharp sense of humour make Deanne one of the most astute social observers of the 21st Century. 

Deanne H

Pardner Money Stories” is a collection which takes a whimsical look at life within an extended Jamaican family in Britain. Written in English with easy to understand Jamaican patois dialogue, the stories are for everyone whatever your nationality.  Suitable possibly for young teens and above, although younger readers may enjoy them too, the stories capture the unique sense of humour of black people in situations which wouldn’t ordinarily be considered humorous. They tackle subjects from funerals to family holidays looking at the interactions of various generations and highlighting the strong bonds of love and respect that cements the family together and gets them through various crisis.”

As well as Pardner Money Stories Volume 2 Deanne has published a vivid collection of poetry for your Contemplation.

PM stories 2                                                       Contemplation

Between performing up and down the country and at international events and venues in the Caribbean, W4P is fortunate to say Deanne will grace the stage with us in 2016!




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