Laura Sinclair

Laura Sinclair is the modern renaissance woman. A retrospective of her art ‘Kaleidoscope’ will be only public display at the Peoples Gallery, Stalybridge from Friday 5th December 2014. 

Rising from Ashes

Bold Queen Natalie



Flower Girl


A selection of Laura’s poetry can be found on the the Miss Celany website, including Secret Nomad:

I want to see something I’ve never seen before,

Breath the air of another country,

Lay my eyes for the first time on old buildings,

Feel new, Inspired, spontaneous and care free,


I want to explore

I want to taste adventures,

Sense a more intense scent of possibilities,

I want to feel wonder and awe,


I want to rest on a bed I haven’t made,

Stroll roads that were destined to meet my feet,

Absorb the atmosphere of a different time zone,

See opportunities in the strangers I meet


I want to see the ambiance of the moon’s same face on a different landscape,
I want to be as free as the seas tides on seasides
Roam the world with no bags or no permanent abode,
Writing what I see with the same black pen,
from country to country,

I want travelling to find me,
Travelling to go with me,
Until I have seen all that I am and felt all of the cultures of the world.


14641521614_ae06ddcc48_nIt is as a live performer that We4Poets know Laura best. After an extraordinary performance at the first We4Poets live event we will be thrilled to welcome Laura back on stage on the 22nd November 2014 in Manchester. An absolute pleasure. 


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