We4Poets Live 2 – an unbiased review

4 Poets-62A warm and enthusiastic audience enjoyed a scintillating evening of live music, poetry and storytelling at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation on Saturday 22nd November.

Familiar voices were joined by new poets, writers and musicians in a show that picked up where the last had finished and just kept running.

4 Poets-69The evening celebrated the release of ‘If I Question‘ – the absolutely stunning new single by the legendary Tez Skachill. Playing two sets and closing the evening, Tez enthralled the crowd and clearly left them wanting more.


4 Poets-61But We4Poets isn’t a one man band. Local poets Kat Kehoe and Tricia Ashworth had the audience smiling, chuckling and laughing out loud.



4 Poets-134 Poets-28They were joined on stage by the brilliant Michael Hulley and the outstanding Michael Kyriacou proving that poetry is at its very best when performed live.


4 Poets-35


4 Poets-43Author, raconteur and poet Deanne Heron delighted the masses with tales from the acclaimed Pardner Money series, while Drabble Diary publisher and performer Sharon Richards was at her outstanding best. Sharon is a natural storyteller and host of the inestimable Success Stories storytelling club.

4 Poets-384 Poets-25We4Poet stalwarts Gail Meacham, Laura Sinclair, and the extraordinary Spug (Kate Woodward) returned to the stage to great and popular acclaim. Gail is a writer, teacher, actor and inspiration but you haven’t lived until you have heard her sing. Absolutely sublime. Laura is a poet, an artist, a performer and t4 Poets-12ruly modern renaissance woman, while Spug gathers friends and followers wherever she goes. A teller of tales, a warmth, a wit and a natural beauty, Spug is the standout writer of her generation.

Least said, soonest mended, it has to be added that Stanley Ayodeji and David A Llewellyn were also present but mostly to introduce the talent and take money on the door. To be fair to them both, they try hard. Try.


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