After The Riot, Quiet

A series of captivating poems selected for their level of poignancy, intrigue and humour, this collection engages and inspires – such is the power of true poetry that is clever, sincere, and able to take hold of the resilient strings of the emotions then tug them, one by one, so slowly.

After the Riot, Quiet! is a poem about the rising of society against injustice, and how attempts are made to cover up the causes of unrest. This collection includes the poem Sweet Sugar Dumplin’ – a woman who struts around her heighbourhood as if she owns it, refusing to be brought down by life chances being stacked against her. On Days Like This is a moving poem challenging the reader to contemplate just why, exactly, we are put on this Earth.

The poet writes this collection of poetry addressing the reader with the following message in mind: “Do not let those moments in life pass you by. Whether your experiences are positive or negative, take them one by one, turn them over and take time to study them. Use what you learn to harness the inner strength and determination you carry within!”

After the Riot, Quiet is available in paperback from Amazon or as a Kindle download.

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