Tez Skachill – Singer/Songwriter


After a year and a half writing and recording new material, Tez returned to the stage in 2014.
During this sabbatical from performing live, Tez rediscovered a passion for acoustic music and, in particular, songwriters like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Nick Drake & James Taylor. In parallel to developing and adapting his fingerpicking guitar style, Tez started working with respected vocal coach ‘Jonny Black’ to progress his vocal abilities and study the vocal styles of soul singers.

4 Poets-69
Tez made his first solo appearance at the ‘Night N Day Cafe’ in Northern Quarter, Manchester on 08/07/14. After only a handful of live performances Tez headlined the We4Poets showcase event at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation in Manchester on 12/07/14. Tez performed a cover of the classic Otis Redding song ‘Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay’, ‘The Road’ which Tez released 4 years ago! and he revealed 3 brand new tracks for the event, which the audience simply loved. Tez also accompanied ‘Laura Sinclair’ on the night, a stunning poet and singer from Manchester.
In addition to Tez’s solo work, he has been working and performing with the prolific songwriter Alex Tadros since the start of the 2014. In September of that year the duo was joined by the talented drummer Amir Rahimzadeh and the band ‘The Mind At Large’ was born. The band has recently recorded at the SSR, Manchester. Listen to this material and find out more about the band ‘The Mind At Large’ here.
From 21st April 2015 Tez Skachill’s much anticipated brand new EP ‘Fragments’ became available to download from iTunes, Spotify & Google Play. The CD version can be bought from the online store for only £4.99.
The EP contains 4 tracks: the single ‘If I Question’, ‘Somewhere Called Nowhere’, ‘I Left My Heart Out in the Rain’ & the delicate piece ‘Remedy’. The tracks were recorded at the SSR, Manchester & mixed and engineered by Sara De Clara.


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