David Llewellyn likes to think he is a work in progress but the sad fact is, it’s probably all downhill from here. In many ways he peaked when he was 11.

David grew up in the North East of England from where he has many happy and selective memories. After gaining a degree in Peace Studies and a Diploma in Social Work he worked as a full-time fundraiser, a press officer, a residential care worker, an outreach support worker and a Connexions personal advisor. He is currently enjoying a midlife crisis having recently completed an MA in Creative Writing at the Manchester School of Writing, MMU. He is just about scraping a living as a freelance copywriter.

David has written four excellent novels – “potty-licks” and Jack Par(r) – are both available in paperback and as Kindle downloads. His third novel – Indignitas – a serial killer comedy set in a euthanasia clinic, is soon to be promoted on unbound.com, the crowd-funding website. A fourth, the curiously title I Don’t Know Who He Is But The Man Driving Him Is The Pope is soon to be doing the rounds of agents and publishers.

You can find out more about David at www.davidallewellyn.com. In the meantime, here’s a short video of David telling a short story:

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