It’s hard to say exactly who we are but there are more than a few old hands who have been with us from the very start.

Stanley Ayodeji is an extraordinary writer. His stunning first novel – Damage Limitation – and a collection of poetry – After The Riot, Quiet – offer a unique insight into life in UK. 

David A. Llewellyn is a witty and entertaining writer. Two novels – Jack Par(r) and Potty Licks are already in print and his latest, Indignitas, is soon to appear with Unbound Publishing.

If Stan is the brains and David the pretty one, then Kat Kehoe is the brawn of the outfit. Not one to run into in a dark alley on a wet night, Lady K is a poet of distinction. Her  anthology – Swift on the Tide – is a revelation of intelligent verse.

Kate Woodward – or “Spug” to her devoted readers – is the finest writer east of Burnley. Spug combines the wit of Alan Bennett with the glamour of a young Ursula Andress.

Singer/songwriter Tez Skachill is as fine a guitarist as you will ever hear. His debut solo album – Believe Half of What You See – is a modern classic and the EP – ‘Fragments’ – was recently released to great acclaim. Having appeared with the rock outfit Grim Architect, Tex now plies his trade with Manchester’s finest, The Mind at Large.

Trish Ashworth is a poet, playwright and eroticist. Her famous Sofa Suite of sexually charged verse is not for the timid nor the unambitious. 

Jazz great Gail Meacham is wasted among We4Poets. How she is not headlining Ronnie Scotts, the Cotton Club and the Hollywood Bowl simply beggars belief. Seriously, catch her while you can. Her price is about to go through the roof. 

“Tall Paul” Clark – author and singer/songwriter – is the hidden gem, the heart and soul, and the epitome of We4Poets. 

Michael Kyriacou is a poet, performer, musician and all round urban legend. Wage ill not weary him. Michael K is a modern sage. 


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