Fabulous Evening at the Sip Club

Sip Club 1.4.15We4Poets enjoyed a second fantastic night at the Stretford Sip Club. 

The Sip Club is a cosy little venue and the lovely Heather – owner/manager – was once again happy for We4Poets to try out new songs, poems and stories to a warm and select audience. 

An evening compered by singer/songwriter Tez Skachill saw writers Paul Clarke and Spug tell new tales, while poets Kat Kehoe and Tricia Ashworth delivered perfect words with perfect timing. In utterly different and mesmerising ways, Stan Ayodeji and Michael Kyriacou expertly melded prose with verse before David Llewellyn hit new notes – and a deserved ovation – with a rare musical number. Alex Aspden … was simply astounding. 

But if there was a single highlight it would have to be our first ever Open Mic spot when Phoebe Stevenson – one of the North West’s youngest and most accomplished writers – delivered two unforgettable and original poems. 

The evening was wrapped up by We4Poets own Tez Skachill playing songs from his eagerly awaited forthcoming EP. Watch this space.

We4Poets Birthday Bash at the 3MT, Manchester – 7 March 2015

We4Poets return to the bar on Saturday 7th March. There will be singing of songs, telling of tales, and the odd poem or two in what has got to be Manchester’s most amazing performance venue.

The Three Minute Theatre – or 3MT – is a quirky little theatre inside Manchester’s indie mecca, Afflecks Palace. Seating 70 and licensed for 100, 3MT plays host to plays, airs a radio station, is the originator of the Flim Night (sic), boasts a Shakespearean Repertory Company, and welcomes poets, artists, musicians and writers.

We4Poets will be performing at the 3MT on Friday 24 April 2015.

On Saturday 7th March (7.30 ’til late) we are celebrating the birthday of We4Poet leg end David Llewellyn. Come along, raise a glass, get on stage or simply dance. Dance as if everyone is watching, which they are, no matter what you may have heard.

An Evening of Heart-Warming Tales and Live Music

We4Poets friend, performer, publisher and writer, Sharon Richards hosts monthly storytelling evenings at the Moorfield Pub, 131 Marsland Road, Sale, South Manchester, M33 3NW. The Success Stories Storytelling Club is probably the friendliest event in town with story-tellers old and new welcome to share a tale.

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Bryn Llewellyn – Education Consultant & Inventor

Bryn is the brains behind of the most inventive innovation in the teaching of English & Maths since the thesabacus.


Tagtiv8 involves active learning in order to develop learners’ confidence with words, phonics and spelling, as well as numbers and other areas of mathematics. These games have an impact on standards in Literacy and Numeracy as well as provide opportunities to improve physical and emotional well-being. Pupils are encouraged to compete and collaborate, solve problems and apply strategy through our engaging, educational games.

Tagtiv8 activties enable teachers to organise educational games that span the curriculum, regardless of how often it changes! Whether you are looking to develop your pupils’ maths skills, work on their English literacy ability, practice phonics or go on an outdoor treasure hunt, Tagtiv8 is here to help! See their range of fun activities or even create your own using Tagtiv8 tags as a starting point.

For more information visit www.tagtivate.com

Bryn Llewellyn: Education Consultancy

Kate Kehoe

Some say the word genius is bandied about too freely. It was used to describe Leonardo Da Vinci – a man who couldn’t get his helicopter off the ground. It was used to describe William Shakespeare – who had to invent new words just to get his couplets to rhyme. It  was used to describe Charles Darwin – a moderate middleweight who failed to step up to the higher divisions. 

In our experience there is only one true genius and anyone who has seen Kat Kehoe beat three defenders to the line before swinging in a pinpoint cross will appreciate the poetry in motion that is Kat Kehoe.

Kat has now taken her flair from the pitch and applied it to the page. Experimental lingerie designer, raconteur and extreme gardener, Kat is one of the brightest voices of her generation. 

Kat was landed in the fishing port of Fleetwood  on the shores of Lancashire’s Fylde coast . She spent her early years in and around the small village of Thornton where she invented chocolate.  With an endless beach, a multi-coloured seaside town and the her very own griffin, Kat soon discovered rhymes for circle, angst and plankton. 

Having got her helicopter in the air, Kat flew to Manchester where she happily lives with her 3 young children and her even younger partner.  She now spends her time being creative, sharing her toys, making jam but most especially writing poetry.

Kat is fast becoming a familiar face on Manchester’s performance poetry circuit.

Welcome to We4Poets

There are many challenges for the would-be author, poet, musician or playwright.

1. Where do the ideas come from?

The best answer I’ve seen for this is from the writer Neil Gaiman. “I make them up, in my head.”

2. How do you know if it is good enough?

I don’t know who said it but I agree with the line: “There is no good writing, only good rewriting.”

3. How do you get people to notice you?

Don’t know. That’s one of the reasons behind We4Poets. That and to have some fun, and to support each other.w4p1.png