Bryn Llewellyn – Education Consultant & Inventor

Bryn is the brains behind of the most inventive innovation in the teaching of English & Maths since the thesabacus.


Tagtiv8 involves active learning in order to develop learners’ confidence with words, phonics and spelling, as well as numbers and other areas of mathematics. These games have an impact on standards in Literacy and Numeracy as well as provide opportunities to improve physical and emotional well-being. Pupils are encouraged to compete and collaborate, solve problems and apply strategy through our engaging, educational games.

Tagtiv8 activties enable teachers to organise educational games that span the curriculum, regardless of how often it changes! Whether you are looking to develop your pupils’ maths skills, work on their English literacy ability, practice phonics or go on an outdoor treasure hunt, Tagtiv8 is here to help! See their range of fun activities or even create your own using Tagtiv8 tags as a starting point.

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Bryn Llewellyn: Education Consultancy